self-love affirmations

10 Self-Love Affirmations!

Updated February 2022
It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of affirmations. Whether I’m creating them, reading them, or saying them out loud they just make me happy. They’re such an easy way for us to practice kindness toward ourselves because the voice in our head matters. When I was creating the foundations of self-love, I knew that self-talk was definitely going to be one of the most important aspects and affirmations can be a huge part of that.

The way we talk to ourselves is a powerful form of self-love or self-destruction.

Affirmations are a key part of that. Affirmations are statements you can repeat aloud (or silently) that create a positive and loving attitude toward yourself.

If you’re not comfortable with the word “affirmation” then let’s just call them pep talks, cheering yourself on, or self-soothing.

There have been so many days when I’m having a hard time and one of the things that brings me back is just one sentence I repeat over and over to myself. “I am okay.” My favorite mantra, my favorite affirmation. 

I use them in other ways too. Usually simple ones. “You got this. You can do this. You’re kicking ass!” Also my favorites.

But really, any sentence that you say out loud, that makes you feel better or empowers you, counts as an affirmation. Don’t underestimate the power of adding a bit of profanity here or there!

I wanted to write down some affirmations that you can use going into the New Year but feel free to come up with your own, especially if they incorporate your word-of-the-year.

10 Self-Love Affirmations for You!

I release any stress or anxiety that is flowing through my body. (Do this with some breathing exercises!) You can also modify the language so that it feels more comfortable. Some people prefer their affirmations to be action statements. “I embrace, I release, I focus on. I choose to…” Other people prefer reassurance or mindfulness and being statements. “I am…” It’s all about discovering what language works for that lovely brain of yours.
I notice the stress and anxiety in my body but I am safe.

I can be creative even when it’s not perfect. No more fear of not being good enough. Work on releasing the critical thoughts that block you from being creative.

I love who I am right here in this moment. This one is perfect to say in front of the mirror after you get out of bed. No need to be perfect to acknowledge that you are lovable.

It’s okay to feel my feelings. Your feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel them.

I forgive myself.

I acknowledge and appreciate all of my wonderful, amazing, magical, qualities. There are so many! They may be hard to see at first but you are m-a-g-i-c.

I am doing my best and that is good enough. And your best will look different each day but as long as you are doing the best you can to get through the day – you’re doing awesome.

I am the best version of myself. Live your life in a way that honors your most authentic self. Pay attention to your core values and beliefs and live in alignment with them.

I focus on the people in my life who nourish my whole self. Then set boundaries around the people that don’t nourish you.

I am letting go of what no longer belongs.

What are your affirmations for this year?