12 wishes for 2013

12 Wishes for 2013

In honor of 12/12/12 (may you have a magical and wonderful day!), Jamie Ridler is asking us to make 12 wishes! Twelve seems like a lot, but then I have many hopes, dreams, and wishes for the new year.

Here are my 12 Wishes for 2013

I wish to remain a Blogging Goddess, churning out posts as much as I do and sharing my story in the lover-ly way that I do.

I wish to remember that rest is essential to the work that I do. Taking a break isn’t something naughty, despite what my Muse tends to say whilst stomping her foot.

I wish to be able to balance my friendships and relationships with my tendency to retreat. This year has been a tough lesson in recognizing I need to work on that.

I wish to get into cooking! I’m a microwaver and a pasta maker. That’s my culinary forte. I’ve had my slowcooker for a year and used it once. I want to change that! I want to make good and good-for me food. Chef Dominee is on the horizon!

I wish to stop holding myself back from feeling things. I disassociate myself sometimes when I shouldn’t. It’s hard to be in my feelings sometimes. I want to really feel lots of things, without fearing that I will only feel the bad things. Balance.

I wish to be someone that I can be truly proud of. Some aspects of myself are there and others still need a little bit of tinkering.

I wish to allow myself to be a dreamer. I don’t really daydream as much as I would like to. I’m afraid my dreams won’t come true, or that I shouldn’t dream so big.

2013 is the year of dreams.

I wish to help as many women as I can. Sometimes I think I don’t know how to do it, but then someone tells me that I already have and I get that feeling in my heart. This is right.

I wish to rediscover my spirituality. It’s been quietly waiting for me in the background, ready to embrace me again.

I wish to be healthier. I think I’ve (finally) gotten the hang of loving my body at every size, but it needs more water, veggies, and exercise. So that’s what I’m going to do!

I wish to show more gratitude. Like most people, I fall into taking things for granted, but I’m working on being thankful for what I have!

I wish to be brave. I need to believe that everything will be okay, and I can be brave.

What are your 12 Wishes for 2013?

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