word of the year

2016 Word of the Year

When I first discovered Leonie Dawson’s Life Planner I became enchanted with the idea of picking a Word-of-the-Year. A word to represent what I want to do/feel/be for the year. It feels like a way to keep myself on course. A bit of a guiding star. The title of a chapter in the book of your life. Picking a Word of the Year is less stringent than a New Year’s Resolution and it allows you to go with the flow without feeling like a failure because you aren’t doing the things you said you were going to do.

It gives you the opportunity to constantly check in during the year and ask yourself if the path you’re on is leading you closer to that word and where you want to be with your life. It also gives you a chance to DO THE THINGS that put that word at the forefront of your life. Invite the goodness in.

I’ve been picking a word of the year for five years now and while I may not always embody it to the extent that I wish – it does always teach me something beautiful. Surrender (2012), Shine (2013), Strength (2014), and Depth (2015).

Let me just say that my word for 2015 year was pretty accurate. I dove headfirst into a lot. I bought a house, I got into a relationship and then out of it, I discovered new things about myself, I reached a deeper understanding of my anxiety and depression. Then, I was put into situations that tested me as a human being, especially in the last few months. I am so grateful for all of the lessons but I am also really pleased to wave goodbye to this year.

There are some bits of my soul and myself that feel a bit worn, a bit ragged.

It was a rough year. Transformation always is. I find myself needing… something. When I was thinking about what my word for 2016 would be the word Recovery came to mind, but it wasn’t quite right. It didn’t encompass exactly the kind of vibe I wanted it to. So I thought and thought. Repair? No. Healing? No, still not quite right. Softness? Resonates but still not quite there. And then it randomly occurred to me as all good ideas do.

My word if the year for 2016 is Mend.

When I thinking about mend – mending- I think of sitting in a rocking chair, with a blanket on my lap, next to a toasty fire in the fireplace, with a cup of tea on a little table and a needle and thimble in my hands. Mending represents those parts of my life that right now need a little TLC. They need cups of tea and rocking chairs and toasty fires. Those parts of myself will be mended, with colorful mismatched patterns that say I lived, I did, I felt, I experienced, I grew. I need to make more room and space for the person I am right now. Let out the seams, sew up a few tears, and then celebrate this new creation that is me.

What’s your word of the year and how’d you come up with it?