2023 Self-Care Planner

2023 self-care planner

The 2023 Self-Care Planner is HERE!

We're celebrating 10 years of the Self-Care Planner! I originally created this planner for me as a reminder that self-care is essential to my mental health. The biggest hurdle when it comes to self-care is making the time for it. Life gets busy, we have school, jobs, kids, chores - and self-care usually comes last. It's extra. It's given our leftover time (if we have any). This planner encourages you to intentionally make time for yourself. Each week has some fun self-care ideas that will help keep your self-care routine from becoming stagnant.

Printed or Digital?

For the planner, I offer two options printed or digital. Both are great but choose what's right for you!

The digital version is a PDF file that you can print at home from your computer or fill in digitally. It's cheaper (and it automatically comes with the full-color version AND black & white for easy and cheap printing!). So, if you're on a budget that's a great way to go. You can also choose just to print out the pages you need at the time and you can print them out as many times as you need! On the other hand, XoDo, Adobe Reader, or Goodnotes are good apps to use if you want to fill it out from your phone!

A Note About Printed Versions:

The printed version is sold through a 3rd party, print-on-demand, company called Lulu Publishing. When you place your order on their website, they print it just for you and then they ship it right to your home. Unfortunately, this means it can take 1-3 weeks to receive your workbook but it's so worth it. There are two options a black and white interior OR a full-color interior. The black and white interior is cheaper and has pages perfect for writing with pens or colored pencils. The full-color version has a thicker paper that's coated and best for markers.

*Be sure to create an account so that you can see when printing is done and track your package! When tracking your package it will often default to "FedEx", change the carrier to USPS for more accurate tracking. International shipping is available!

self-care planner

The Original Self-Care Planner is full of rainbow happiness. Each month has a calendar page and a page to check in with your self-care and your goals. There's tons of space for each day to keep track of your self-care, appointments, schedule, or to just use it as a place to journal. 159 pages

2023 self-care planner

The Witchy Self-Care Planner has everything that you'll find in the original one, plus a little bit extra. Each month has extra witch-inspired self-care tips as well as suggestions on how to embrace the magic energies of each month. Let's focus on your practice and spiritual goals! 189 pages

2023 self-care planner
2023 self-care planner

How to use the planner.

2023 self-care planner

I can not stress this enough - make the planner work for you. Use it in a way that makes you happy. Think of it as a template. If there's a section you're not a fan of, use some cute washi tape and pretty paper to cover it up. Then you can use that space for something that fits your life instead.

Self-care is not one-size-fits-all so alter the planner to suit you and your personality. Fill it with stickers. Color it the way you want to. Decorate it to your heart's content.  For instance, you can use it just for self-care or you can write down things that are going on in your daily life! For example appointments, classroom assignments, chores, to-do lists, grocery lists, or meal planning. Use it to track your mental health, remember medications, document your fitness journey, or just write down your thoughts and journal. You can even use it as a scrapbook and fill it with pictures, movie tickets, memories, or whatever else you'd like!

Make it fun and allow it to be its own form of self-care.

The workbook is also full of little self-care assignments. Every week has a few self-care ideas - feel free to sprinkle them throughout your week or come up with your own. Above all, remember that self-care is about meeting your needs.

Review 2022 and Plan for 2023

2023 self-care planner

At the beginning of each Planner, you'll see a section that's specifically all about 2022. The questions are the same ones from last year's planner so it's an awesome exercise to compare your answers from year to year. This allows you to see where you're growing and where you're struggling. I love being able to look back and see the things that I'm no longer struggling with and also the things that still need work.

By writing about the things that you experienced in 2022 you can see where you have the most work to do going forward. There are questions like:

  • What’s the biggest, scariest, thing you’re holding onto from 2022?
  • What was the biggest mistake you made last year?
  • What people, things, and situations, no longer fit into your life?
2023 self-care planner
2023 self-care planner
2023 self-care planner

The 2023 Witchy Self-Care Planner

I also have a witchy version of the 2023 Self-Care Planner. It has all the pages that the original one has with a few extra ones that focus on creating a spiritual practice.
Every month has two extra pages that focus on spirituality.

The Printed Self-Care Planner from Lulu

2023 self-care planner