31 Days of Self-Love: Love Yourself!

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What is 31 Days of Self-Love?

31 days of exercises and thought-provoking questions designed to encourage you to like yourself, expand your views about yourself, and fall a little bit more in love with yourself. We'll be covering the polarity of your light and dark side, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, how you feel about your body and so much more.

This isn't your average Self Love list. There are no massages, there are no spa days, no nature walks... these prompts are meant to be meaningful and to really make you think about your relationship with yourself! Self-care is more than just the fun stuff. A lot of the time it's taking a really deep look at the things that aren't going right in your life and then doing what you need to do to fix those things. That's not easy! Self-care is hard. Loving yourself is hard, but you can do it!

It is so important to make the time to love on yourself!

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How do you join?

It's easy! Just bookmark this page and come back every day to check out the prompts. If you want extra love, check out our Facebook Group The Self-Care Circle. We talk about self-care all the time! There are thousands of members and it's a wonderful place to talk about self-love, self-care, and to get advice. It's a wonderful tribe of amazing people.

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