Journaling Prompts for Self Love

31 Journaling Prompts for Self Love

Last month we had a lot of fun in the SoulSisterhood sussing out how we feel about different aspects of our lives. Self love is not just about loving yourself. It’s about tending to emotional wounds, being your own advocate, and knowing where in your life you need to do The Work. I came up with 31 prompts to help you take a good look at where you need to put a little more love in your life. If you want more writing prompts, check out Journey Through Journaling!

31 Journaling Prompts for Self Love

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1. What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself?

2. Get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself or your abilities.

3. What good habit do you want to begin this month?

4. What’s one compliment you struggle to accept about yourself?

5. What do you need to start saying “yes” to?

6. What do you need to forgive yourself for?

7. Name a thing that you love about your body and then a thing you love about your personality.

8. Where in your life do you need to slow down and take your time?

9. What’s something that you need to get rid of?

10. How can you set better boundaries in your life?

11. How would you describe yourself, in a loving way, to a stranger?

12. What things make you feel happy to be alive? And how can you add MORE of that into your life?

13. Take a selfie just as you are. Write a description of your face using loving words.

14. What would your younger self be proud of you for today?

15. What are you afraid to ask for? What do you need to speak up about?

16. What is the most loving thing you’ve ever done for yourself?

17. When was the last time you indulged yourself and how?

18. What’s one change in your life that you can make for more happiness?

19. How are you making the world a better place? Self love is about acknowledging your talents, your power, and your worth as a human being. Maybe you’re raising (or have raised) kind and compassionate kids, or you’re kind and compassionate to others, or you share your art or your writing or you’re positive or caring – all things that make the world better.

20. How can you give yourself a break today? [Mentally, physically, or emotionally]

21. What’s something that you’re working on believing that you deserve?

22. What things make you feel bad, but you find yourself doing them anyway?

23. What does your support system look like? How can you make it stronger?

24. What’s something you wish someone would say to you?

25. What things are you really really good at? Bonus points if you can name FIVE things!

26. What parts of yourself are you ashamed of? What does your shadow self-look like?

27. What’s one choice you can make right now that your future self will thank you for?

28. Who are your role models and what qualities do you (already) share with them?

29. What words or beliefs do you (want to) live your life by?

30. What labels, negative and positive, do you assign yourself?

31. Going forward, how can you commit to loving yourself every day?

Which journaling prompts for self love is your favorite?