90s nostalgia

90s Nostalgia is my kind of Self-Care

I also shared this in my newsletter yesterday, but I wanted to share it here too! I absolutely love the 90s!

Being born in ’85 I was perfectly poised to be the quintessential 90s kid. While my childhood in itself wasn’t all that great, there were a lot of things I loved about it and most of it is 90s pop culture. 90s nostalgia just makes me happy.

What’s an anxious, introverted kid to do but settle in front of the tv with a bowl of cereal and Saturday Morning Cartoons?

I posted a fun meme on Facebook that was “What was your go-to Ice Cream Truck treat?” and my wife and I started talking about other things we loved as kids. I ended up finding r/nostalgia and it’s full of people sharing toys, games, and cartoons. We spent a whole afternoon scrolling through, laughing and sharing our memories.

It put me in such a nostalgic mood and I realized how much I still find so much comfort in the things I loved back then. I have to work with background noise. So when I’m working on Blessing Manifesting there has to be sound. If I’m anxious it’s nature sounds, if I’m not then it’s a TV show I’m not super invested in but provides adequate background noise. This week I chose the 90s cartoon Doug. 

I remember the first time someone said my art reminded them of Lisa Frank and suddenly everything made sense! Of course, she was the start of my love affair with all things rainbow-y!

Sometimes self-care is curling up with the things that made itty bitty you feel happy and content. Or laughing at the ridiculousness of movies you thought were awesome. Or singing at the top of your lungs to the songs that were your own personal soundtrack. 90s nostalgia is one of my many ways to practice self-care.

So here’s a self-care assignment for you: At some point, this week, try to revisit some of the things that you used to love.

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What’s your favorite 80s or 90s nostalgia movie or show?