Sacred Journey: Spirals

Hey there gorgeous soul. Today is another stop on the Sacred Journey, yours and mine. I’ll share with you how things are going with me, in my personal life, and you can do the same….

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Sacred Journey Through Journaling

Hello sweethearts! I’ve been working, working, working, coming up with so much, brainstorming new ideas, and straining against every day life that leaves me feeling constricted as far as time to create goes. I’m still…

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Sacred Journey: June 1st

Happy month of June my sweet Blossoms! How’s life treating you? In case you’re new to Blessing Manifesting, every Friday we have our Sacred Journey. It’s where we all gather here and share love and…

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Sacred Journey and Mary Magdalene

Hello my loved Sweeties, It’s time for another stop on our Journeys, a check-in with one another. A place of hugs, gentle soothing whispers, songs of triumphs and you-can-do-its. “It’s funny how, in this journey…

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