A Bad Case of the Grumps

So hey there!
The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of suck and un-suck. Just when I thought I’d gotten over it something else popped up and made me miserable.

I was suffering from Post-Project-Blues and that was just the start of the avalanche of OMGMYLIFESUCKS.

One of my favorite people at my pays-the-bills job quit without letting me know and aside from that making my job a million times harder than it had to be, I was really close to him and I got very heart-hurt over the fact that he just left. It triggered all of my abandonment issues, which brought up all sorts of gunk.

The gunk leaked over into my business and I spent a day being very resentful, feeling like everything I do sucks and wondering why I put in so much time into my business when no one really cares. You know the spiral. I think we all have days like that. And then I started feeling suuuuper alone and lonely. I just wanted to throw up my hands and wail “Why meeee?!”

The other day I was exhausted and frustrated when I got off work, my feet hurt, my back hurt, I was short-tempered, and annoyed and I really didn’t want to be. Those emotions had run their course and they were no longer needed. Feeling that way wasn’t helping me do anything but feel sorry for myself, which is fine, I’m good with wallowing, you just can’t do it for too long. At some point you’ve got to decide that it’s time to feel something different. Being grumpy helps shine light on stuff you need to deal with but once the grumps have done their job, you gotta move on. You gotta take time for you.

Even I forget to love myself sometimes.

The last few days were full of self care. I took a little break from business-stuff. And then I had a nice little ritual of Self Care to chase away the grumps,

I took a nice, hot, candle-lit, bath full of wonderful lavender and I just allowed myself to soak and relax and it was wonderful. I took extra care washing my hair. I am very proud of my long curly hair and it was so soothing to have it thoroughly washed and paid attention to instead of the usual wash-and-condition-as-quickly-as-possible. I felt like I was being pampered. It was lovely. I then laid down in bed and listened to music while just letting myself be and feel. Afterwards I felt renewed and rejuvinated and more myself and it was pretty flippin’ fantastic.

See ya latter Grumps.

What is your Self Care ritual when you’ve got a bad case of the grumps? If you don’t have one, what are some things you can do the next time you are feeling down?