a look back

A Look Back At 2021

I thought it would be fun to take a look down memory lane and see how Blessing Manifesting did this year and what went on in my life too! So get ready for a lot of stats and numbers!

A Look Back At The Blog

# of Blog Posts in 2021: 53
Most Popular Blog Post: How to Choose Your Word of the Year
Most Popular Blog Post (Written This Year): The Biopsychosocial Model for Mental Health
# of Pageviews on my Website: 871,763

A Look Back At Facebook

Facebook is pretty interesting because my art/doodles usually bomb on that platform. Only two of my own images made it into my Top 25 Posts of the entire year. Instead, I share relatable memes and here are the three most popular ones this year!

Facebook Stats:
Top Cities: Melbourne, Australia
Top Country:
 United States
# of New Likes:
Current # of Likes: 

A Look Back At Facebook

Oof. Looking at my top posts from Instagram is bitter-sweet. That first post was about Father’s Day and that post ripped me open and broke my heart. My conception was a result of sexual assault and I never knew my biological father. Growing up, my mother gave me a vague story about how my father was someone she dated briefly. She was 18 he was mid-40s. She gave me his name when I was a teenager. I wrote him and asked for his picture and gave him my number. I got a Christmas Card a year later from him with two pictures. A few years after that, I found out through Google that he had died. After my mom passed away, I found out how I was conceived. (Something I’d suspected for a really long time)

So Father’s Day is rough for me for a lot of reasons.

I made that post (I didn’t share my story, I’ve never shared it publicly until this moment). I got eviscerated. There were messages and comments telling me how terrible I was for making a post that didn’t celebrate Fathers. I got called out because my Mother’s Day Post had been much different (and more positive). People were upset with me for not including fathers that had passed away. I got called names, I got threats, I was told I had daddy issues, and that I was pathetic. You can see some of them here. I had to turn off comments and give my phone to my partner because I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I took a month-long break from social media.

Sorry to get so deep in it. This was supposed to be a fun post but seeing that as my #1 post this year really had some feelings flooding back that I wasn’t prepared for. I am so glad that so many people loved it and shared it and needed it that day but there’s the flip side of it for me. On to happier things, okay?

Top City: New York, NY
Top Country:
 United States
# of New Likes:
# of Images I Created This Year:
 474 (Give or take a few!)
Celebrities That Shared My Images: 
Viola Davis and Wil Wheaton
 Alanis Morissette follows me!

A Look Back At My Products

Now let’s talk about the stats of my products! I created a lot this year! I think I added a total of 15 new products this year.

Top Product on My Website: Self-Love Workbook
Top Product on Etsy:
 Self-Love Workbook
Biggest Income: Self-Love Bundle
# Orders From My Website: 
# Orders From Etsy: 
(I’m completely shocked that it’s almost the same amount!)
Most Orders From: 
United States of America (#2 is Canada!)

That’s a wrap on the Business Side of Things!

And Finally, A Look at My Life In 2021

Do You Want to Look Back At Your Year?

The Self-Care Yearbook is now in my shop and on Etsy! I created the Self-Care Yearbook to look at all the fun things that happened this year. Most binge-worthy TV show, the character you identified with the most, cutest fictional couple, the book you stayed up to finish, your album of the year, the song you played more than 100 times – just lots of things that focus on the good stuff.

It’s also kid-friendly so it would be a fun way for you and the whole family to reminisce about the fun you had this year!

What were your Top 3 Big Things in 2021?