A Message From Your Faery Godmother

Mornin’ darlin’!

I’ve been busily organizing things here at Blessing Manifesting and I am so happy with some of the changes that I have been making. The Freebies Page is now super beautiful and organized, you should definitely go check it out right now. I also revamped my free ebooks so they look all sparkly and pretty.
How are you? I hope you’re having a great day!

Today’s card comes from Brian Froud’s The Faeries Oracle Deck.

The Faery Godmother

Gifts. Talents. Grace. Helpful Lessons.

Sairie, the Faery Godmother is here to bring a little magic into your life. She might give you a bit of faery dust to brighten your mood, or perhaps a little grace to help you on your way. She’s responsible for those little inconspicuous (and sometimes the noticeable) miracles that make life a little bit nicer. She will bestow gifts upon you and sometimes gives you a choice when you thought you didn’t have one. Sairie loves you not because you deserve it or don’t deserve it, but because you exist, that is reason enough for her. (That’s totally the way I feel too) It is simple. She is the giver of grace and useful lessons. She tries not to interfere very much and instead gives you a touch of faery grace so that you learn a wee bit faster.

Think of her as your personal guardian angel’s assistant. She takes care of those things your guardian angel might forget about.

Sairie turns up when good things are happening to you, especially good things that you feel you don’t deserve. That is her lesson. It’s not about being worthy, it’s about giving and receiving unconditionally and she wants you to know that. Take that lesson to heart and teach it to others. 

Do you feel like you are able to receive as easily as you give, and vice-versa? When wonderful things happen to you do you feel guilty or delight in them?