message of love

A Message of Love

I love ya, ya know? I have the best online tribe that ever was, that’s simply fact. You all are just fantastic and you give me ze warm fuzzies all over. You just needed to know that! The Soulsisterhood, as well as this blog have become such a haven for me.

Last week I treated myself to three new oracle card decks for my birfday, among them the Gaia Oracle Cards deck, which I’m totally in love with already. Today’s oracle card reading o’ the week comes from that deck.

Sacred Earth Mother: A message of love.

message of loveThis card is all about loving the essence of who you are. You are so much more than your achievements, your successes, and your failures. None of that has nothing to do with the humming of your soul, the essence of what makes you the wonderful you that you are.

You are an eternal spark of pure creativity and unlimited potential that yearns to be expressed and fulfilled. Your potential is your destiny and it just waits patiently for you to direct it. Trust your heart and apply love and wisdom in all that you do, you’ll get to be exactly where you are going. Always be true to yourself.

Lately, I’ve been having a bit of trouble with this. I feel like each time I start to “get it”, something happens and I realize that I do not have everything as figured out as I thought I did. This mainly happens with my business. Do I want to be bigger or do I want to stay the same? I have a wonderful following, a comfortable following, and I’m so happy with my tribe, being able to distinguish you all from each other, knowing who you all are and being able to remember previous comments and e-mails when I see your name.

It’s such an amazing feeling and I really don’t want that to change!

I love having a sense of “I know you” with everyone who hangs out here on Blessing Manifesting.

I TRUESTORY like each and every one of you. There’s no one that annoys me or who I feel like I don’t mesh with, and for someone with such anti-social tenancies, that’s really a gift! So lately I’ve just been thinking about where I want things to go for the future and all that jazz. I’ll let you know when I’ve got it figured out!

Anyway, what you should know is that you are loved, both by me, Sacred Earth Mother, and (hopefully) yourself! You are a bright, shiny, being and I see the light in you!