a month of self-love

A Month of Self-Love: Love Yourself!

month of self-love

Happy Self-Love Sunday my dears! It’s February and I am sure that you have already been doused with ads for Valentine’s Day flowers, candies, and big giant teddy bears and that’s all well and good, because who doesn’t enjoy a big heart-shaped box of chocolate every now and then?

Let’s concentrate on something else this month. Let’s concentrate on ourselves and our bright, shiny, glittery, hearts.

I want this month to be a month of Self-Love for you.

Right now I would like you to make a commitment with me. For the rest of the month, I want you to commit to doing something loving for yourself every single day.

Let’s talk about four little things you can start doing that are super easy but make all the difference. I promise you that you can do it.

First off, I want you to do something loving for yourself every day. It can be something as simple as allowing yourself to sleep in an extra twenty minutes, or adding a healthy snack into your day. Go all out and have a spa day if you want or take some extra time to meditate. Buy yourself a box of chocolate or take yourself out for ice cream. Spend some extra time outside, let yourself spend the weekend in bed reading and drinking delicious tea or actually going out with your friends. There are so many options! Do what feels good.

Psssst… if you want to keep track, use the Self-Love Planner!

Speak kindly to yourself. This one is going to be a toughy. On the good days, I keep the way that I talk to myself pretty positive, but on days where I’m grumpy and depressed, I can get a little viscous with myself. If you find yourself falling into negative self-talk turn it around. The way I’ve learned to talk to myself has completely changed my life.

Every day, tell yourself “I love you.” Be silly about it if you want. Say it while you’re brushing your teeth, make it into a song, sing it while dancing around, say it silently in your head, while you’re looking in the mirror, before you go to sleep. Just say it!

And now I’m going to make you write it down too! Grab a journal, a piece of paper, twitter, facebook, open up MS Word, Tumblr, notepad, whatever! Each day write down one thing about yourself that you loooooove. Even if it’s just your ability to breathe through a tough moment, or the fact that you stopped yourself from having a meltdown over a difficult situation. Give yourself some props.

Want some more ideas? Check out the absolutely free 31 Days of Self-Love page!

What goals do you have for your month of self-love?

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