A Ritual of Release

Why hello there lovely people! So today… today has been really weird. I’m having a very uncomfortable anxiety feeling, ya know, like I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m feeling this way but so far, no luck. So I’m just sitting with it, breathing, relaxing, and letting it be. Hopefully some time spent meditating will give me some sort of revelation and I will stop feeling this way. It’s pretty unpleasant!

Today on Magic Manifesting Monday I wanted to share with you a little ritual that is perfect if you’re holding on to something (or someone) that you really need to let go.

Releasing What You No Longer Need
Fireproof bowl

Take the piece of paper and tear it into strips. On each strip, write something that you want to let go of. This can be anything. If you have a feeling of anger about something that you no longer need, write it down. If there’s a trait about yourself or a habit that you want to let go of, write it down. If you want to finally get over your feelings about someone, this might help you there as well. You might have a lot of things to write down, you might not, just keep writing things down until you feel like you’ve got it all out. Once you’ve done this, set the pieces of paper on fire in a fireproof container or your kitchen sink.

I let go of these things I no longer need

I release them to the Universe

By letting go I make room for new growth

I open myself up to love and to forgiveness.

Love for myself and others.

Forgiveness for myself and others.

This is a new beginning.

May I be blessed on this new journey.

This symbolizes you letting go of those things, purifying yourself, and starting over anew. It is so wonderful to feel all of the negative things you’ve been holding onto fall away from you. 

Many blessings!

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