A Self-Care Quest

A Self-Care Quest For You!

This Self-Care Quest was in this morning’s newsletter but it was too fun not to share.

A Cute Koala Wizard appears in a puff of glittering smoke

“Psssst! Over here! Greetings brave adventurer! I invite you to embark on a magical quest – a journey of self-care. Are you ready….?

Excellent! To complete this quest, you’ll need to conquer a series of challenges, each one designed to nurture your well-being. So, shall we begin?”

[Item Received]

You have found the Magical Water Bottle of Hydration. Your first quest is to fill it up and take a drink!

When that’s done, you can continue on!

Well done adventurer!

“Next, behold the Enchanted Glade of Movement! Here, I challenge you to stretch, dance, jog in place, or do any form of movement for just a few minutes!”

“Did you get your body moving? Excellent work! Onward we go.”

“Now, we arrive at the Nourishing Grove of Good Food. I challenge you to prepare a yummy meal for yourself or grab a delicious snack!

Your body deserves nourishment.”

“Delicious! With your energy replenished, you’re ready for the final challenge.”

“Finally, you’ve reached the Lake of Self-Love. Your last task is to say something kind about yourself. Only then can you move on and complete the quest.”

“Well done, brave adventurer! You completed your self-care quest. Come back whenever you’re feeling a little low and need a reminder that you are wonderful and deserve to be taken care of.”

So what did you think of my super cute self-care quest?

I just wanted to pop in and give you all excited waves. It’s been way too long since I posted here. Unfortunately, a lack of creativity and motivation often comes with the Summer S.A.D. I am so ready for the creative rush of joy that comes with autumn.

Until then I’ll be dreaming about fuzzy sweaters and pumpkin spice coffee!

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