A Soft Place To Land

As I’m sure you are aware, I sometimes suffer from Depression. Oh she’s a mean one she is. Lately she stops by for short visits, a day or two here and there, but she packs quite a nasty punch.

Yesterday at work I was minding my own business when she decided to pay me a visit.

Inconsiderate asshat she is.

So one thing goes wrong and then another and another. I experience that horrible domino effect. One thing goes wrong, you shrug it off. Second thing goes wrong, you roll with the punches, by the third one you’re sitting in the corner rocking back and forth promising the Universe that you’ll be a good girl from now on as long as it stops punishing you for whatever you must’ve done.

I have a million ways to combat the depression. They work at different times, in different situations, for different reasons. Some are teeny tiny (a half hour of meditation and deep deep breathing) and others are a bit more complicated (three day vacation away from everyone and everything). There is one thing that I have been so thankful for because it is the basis for a lot of the things that help.

A soft place to land.

I come home, after a terrible night at work and I walk into my apartment. Instantly I am enveloped in warmth and the smell of whatever essential oil I’m obsessed with at the moment (sweet orange if you’re interested). I sit down on my comfy couch that’s heaped with more fuzzy, soft, blankets than anyone needs. It’s right next to the window with the sheer curtains that let in the morning sunlight and the tree beyond houses birds that sing cheerily to me.

It’s time for a nice relaxing bath so I go into my bathroom. The candles are already there waiting to be lit, theย myriadย of bath products in the cabinet waiting to be used, fluffy clean towels waiting to wrap me up.

When I’m done I head to my bed, topped with lots of blankets, and satin sheets sprayed with lavender, and my huge pink, fluffy, unicorn. I have my nightstand where unread books sit just waiting to be read, or my phone nearby to play mindless games of relaxing solitaire, or the cd player with the meditations and nature sounds.

This is my soft place to land.

No matter what’s going on in the outside world, no matter what’s going on inside of me, I have a place that is waiting to comfort me and cater to my needs. It’s waiting for me to come home to, it’s there so that I can feel safe and secure, swaddled in comfort.

We all need a place like that.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on pinterestย and it’s a great place to look for ideas. Even if you don’t have the resources to put those ideas into action just looking at a picture, allowing your mind to transport yourself there, can help in bits and pieces.

Your Self Love Assignment for today: Do something to create a happy place for yourself. Even if you aren’t having a crappy day right now make sure that in the event that a crappy day lands in your lap you have at least one thing going for you, a soft place to land.

What does your soft place to land look like? Is it your home? A special place out in nature? A room that’s set up just for you? A happy place in your imagination?