ways to pray

A Witch’s Guide to Prayer: Ways to Pray

Magic Manifesting, whoo hoo! Time to get our magic on! Are you ready!? One of the most powerful acts of Magic is prayer, after all, praying is a type of magic. Beautiful, powerful, soul-to-Universe, connection.

There are so many ways to pray and I believe all of them have a certain beauty to them. I wanted to share with you my thoughts from a witch-y/pagan perspective. (P.S. Check out the Witch version of the 2018 Self-Love Workbook, it’s magical)

Whatever you believe, make it a part of your daily life. It will change you in miraculous ways.

ways to pray

I talk to my Gods every day in many different forms. I believe that prayer should be a part of daily life, it allows us to stay connected to the Universe, to God in what ever name you call him. It allows us to truly recognize the things in our life that we are grateful for.

Prayer is defined as: A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.

I disagree that it has to be a solemn request for help. Solemn is boring. Sure there’s a time and a place for solemn but I don’t think I would like praying half as much if I had to stop and be solemn to do it. Something I say on a regular basis is “Gods, let this day be filled with joy and awesomeness.” Nothing solemn about that! Expressing joy, happiness, and gratitude is much more my kind of thing.

I see my relationship with God as any other type of relationship and all relationships require an output of energy, an exchange if you will, and communication to be fulfilling. When you are going through a crisis of faith, a Dark Night of the Soul, that is the time to have more conversation, to pray more. Like I said, it’s a relationship.

If you were having issues with your partner, going about your day/week/month, completely ignoring them wouldn’t fix anything. Pretending that they weren’t part of your life until you needed something from them wouldn’t be very healthy or fulfilling. It takes work, and it takes time, but all of the wonderful things in life worth having do!

I pray in a variety of ways.

My deities that I have close relationships with, are Aphrodite, Hestia, and Shiva and I pray to them in different ways because every relationship is different. Randomly throughout the day I say thank you to them. I write love letters in a journal devoted to Aphrodite every day before I go to sleep. Shiva is a God that dances and I dance for him to show my gratitude and my joy. While I do household chores or while I’m cooking I talk with Hestia. I love how all of my relationships are different. This is all a form of prayer to me and it enriches my life.

Writing is prayer. Dancing is prayer. Singing is prayer. Chanting is prayer. Kneeling is prayer. Walking in nature is prayer. Lighting candles and incense is prayer. Drinking herbal tea is prayer. Staring up at the sky is prayer. There are so many ways to pray, to speak to that Universal Energy – no matter what name you call him/her/it/them.

There are so many ways to pray. What’s yours?