Accepting All Parts of Yourself

We are human.

We are flawed. We are messy. We are selfish. We are petty. We are jealous. We are insecure. We are needy. We have problems. We have issues.

Turning your back on those things or those qualities that we peg as negative will not make you happy. It will not make you a better person.

Often we have this perception that to be happy we need to get rid of all of those negative things. We need to be perfect. Those qualities can’t coexist with all of the good and positive things that we are. We have to be either/or.

You can be this beautiful compilation of contradicting qualities and it’s still beautiful.

You are still beautiful.

This card comes from Louise Hay’s Wisdom Cards and says:

“Healing means to make whole and to accept all parts of myself – not just the parts I like, but all of me.”

That also includes the parts of you that society tells you not to like. The extra x amount of pounds, the cellulite, your make-up free face. All parts of you, however flawed you perceive them to be are worth loving.

Realizing that is the first step to a lot of different kinds of healing. Body love, self love, love for others. It all starts with realizing that you aren’t perfect and neither is anyone else and that’s perfectly okay. It’s perfect in itself because that’s who you are. When you love yourself as you are instead of how you wish you were amazing things happen.

What parts of yourself do you have problem accepting?

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