Amara the Menehune

Amara the Menehune: Aloha Healing

Good morning my sweet friends!

Things are really starting to look up again, last week was hard but I rode it through, lots of lounging on the couch, quiet time, time spent with my bestie, time spent in my bed, oh it was lovely.

My muse, wonderful spirit that she is, wasn’t too happy. “Dear Dominee, wouldn’t it be great if you got this finished? Sweet Dominee, look at your to-do list… it’s growing. Dominee, you really shouldΒ get that done. Oooh, Domineeeeeeeee, I have a wonderful new project for you, go do it now…” To which I firmly and sweetly replied:

“Hush. I’m watching a movie.”

I didn’t allow myself to feel bad for taking time off for me. Of course, I love my business but I have to love myself as well. Take care of myself and my business prospers in the end. That’s my little secret. (Free business advice from me. Hm, I really love how I run my business, I should talk about that more shouldn’t I?)

Anywhoo that all brings us to this week’s card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light by Lucy Cavendish. The card that I picked this week is Amara the Menehune who represents Aloha Healing.

Amara appears to tell you to slow down and enjoy life fully.

Amara the Menehune represents all of the things that come to mind when you think of Hawaii. She is warm and sensual and sweet. She is laughter, dolphins, tropical breezes, and sweet fruits. Amara reminds us not to rush but to slow down and take the time to be fully present in everything that we are doing. Amara reminds you to connect deeply, work passionately, relax fully, sleep soundly, laugh loudly… put yourself completely in the moment of everything that you are doing.

This is a time to let go of guilt. Invite the energy of Hawaii into your life. Allow yourself to make the time to do the things that nurture you. Stop feeling like you always have to be rushing or busy, stop believing that feeling stressed out is a good thing because it means you’re being active. Go outside and let the sun shine on you and relax.

When you’re busy do you struggle with being fully present in all of your feelings? Do you ever find yourself brushing aside happiness and enjoyment in the quest to get things done? What is your favorite way to relax?