An Island of Solitude

Today I wanted to feature a card from the oracle card deck Earth Magic. If you are signed up for my newsletter then you probably know why I’m feeling this card.

The Island a place of solitude.

Looking at this picture evokes a different reaction for different people. Some might look at this and see a lush little island with a blooming tree in its center. A tree that is perfect for sitting under alone with a good book, or laying on your back, staring up at the sky.

Or maybe all you see is the empty space. The things that you couldn’t do. The things that you should be doing that would be impossible were you alone on that chunk of rock with nothing to do.

Everyone sees something different, the same person might see something different at different times. What do you see?

Even in isolation there can be life and beauty and growth.

This card is a reminder how important it is to spend some time in solitude and in silence. Even when you have other things to do. Ah, such a hard lesson to learn, especially in today’s society when we have so much to do on a daily basis. It’s hard to step away from life and responsibilities and family.

It’s hard to sit in silence.

The past few weeks I have felt myself approaching burn out. That feeling you get when you know you’re approaching mental exhaustion. Either you push through it or you put on the breaks and take a break. The Island is a reminder to do that. To take time for solitude and silence when we need it.

Take time to enjoy silence and peace without worry.

When was the last time you created space for unstructured solitude?

This last week has been full of that for me and it was a beautiful and sacred time. No rushing, no worry, no unpleasing sounds, no people, no masks. Just pure, authentic, me time. It’s amazing how good you feel when you are stripped of your roles and responsibilities and are allowed to just be.

It was hard pushing away my responsibilities and telling myself ‘no’ when I felt the urge to fall back into my roles, to work, to do something other than the things that soothe me. It was a very healing experience and helped me to create boundaries within myself. Sometimes your inner self must create boundaries with the other parts of you.

She knows best.

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