Animal Magic: Seal – embracing playfulness and creativity!

Seals are sea mammals that spend most of their time in the water. They are most often found in the Arctic and Antarctic which is why I wanted to talk about them today, I dunno about you but I’m feeling kinda chilled and so ready for Spring to arrive!

Since Seal is primarily a water dwelling animal this tells us that much of what he represents is going to involve the realm of emotions. 
Seal’s message to us is to listen to our inner voice and to embrace our imagination. Learn to play, to dance, to move gracefully through your surroundings. Think of the balance between survival and rolling joyfully through the snow. Don’t get so caught up in survival or the day-to-day, that you forget to do a few twirls in the water… err… you know what I mean. Live in the moment and enjoy it.

Swim with the current. Release negative feelings, fear, and anxiety. Review the ebb and flow of your thoughts.

It’s around the time when we start missing the sun, missing the warmth of the rays on our skin, Winter is the time to reflect and embrace the darkness. Seal reminds us that there must be a balance. Allow your imagination to take control every once and awhile, let go of the heaviness. Allow yourself to have big dreams and to run after those dreams.

You can meditate with Seal to help your dreams become vivid and more significant. If you need to be inspired then take some time to do a Seal meditation. Imagine yourself swimming under the sea with Seal, all of the endless possibilities opening up before you. The beauty of the water, the snow, glaciers, the feeling of the water rushing over your body.

Journaling Prompts:

How do you allow yourself to be creative?
Do you make time to be playful or are you a serious sort of person?
Do you allow yourself to use your imagination or do you find yourself firmly planted in reality?
Imagine that you could do anything or be anything, write about it.
Are you able to allow yourself to be quiet and listen to your instincts?

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