Anxiety Challenge and an Ultimate Anxiety Guide

Good morning you lovely beings. I’ve been deep into my anxiety work lately. It’s been an anxious period for me the last few months and I’ve really no idea why, so what does that mean? It’s time to go back to the basics and I’ve got a free anxiety challenge for you!

Anxiety disorder is a funny thing with many aspects and it effects different people differently. Sometimes I am anxious for no reason, which means I need to focus on reorganizing my life, making sure that I’m making enough time for sleep, relaxation, and self-care. Other times I am anxious about something specific and that requires more mental maneuvering like positive self-talk and reassuring.

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30 Day Anxiety Challenge

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This challenge actually appears in my Anxiety Workbook but I’m really proud of it so I wanted to share it here too. I’ve seen a lot of anxiety challenges, one that suggested: “play the piano”. I think a lot of them are well-meaning but they’re also not very practical. I hope that you find these helpful!

Distress Tolerance: Self-Soothing


I first heard of self-soothing as it relates to small children but a few years ago as I started practicing DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) I also learned that it’s a skill we need to cultivate as an adult. Making ourselves feel better is a pretty underrated talent. Read More…

Self-Care for Anxiety

My biggest coping tool is creating a nourishing routine. Anxiety thrives on turbulence and uncertainty. I’ve found that coming up with a good routine helps eliminate a lot of it. You know what you’re supposed to be doing and when. You’re not worried about getting this done or making time for that because you already know when it’s supposed to be done. I make self-care a huge part of my routine. Read More…

Self-Care for Morning Anxiety

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Morning anxiety is caused (usually) by the steroid hormone, cortisol which is produced in the adrenal glands. We humans have this thing called the Cortisol Awakening Response. When we wake up, most of us have a sharp 38–75% increase of cortisol for about 30 minutes. Anxiety and stress also create cortisol. So if you’re in a constant state of high stress, you fall asleep stressed out, or you wake up and are anxious about the day – your body starts producing way more cortisol and in response, you freak out. Read More…

Dining Out With Social Anxiety

Dining Out With Social Anxiety

Today we’re going to talk about dining out with Social Anxiety, that oh so wonderful dinner companion. When you walk into the restaurant, Social Anxiety leans over and points out that everyone is suddenly looking at you. When you try to make your order Social Anxiety starts giggling uncontrollably because it knows you’re about to trip over all of your words. And you want to ask for something extra? Why are you being so picky and demanding? No one likes customers like that. Oh, you want to go to a buffet? Everyone is judging you. Just let everyone go in front of you, you are so slow. You need to leave a tip. You’ve suddenly forgotten how to math. WHAT IS MATH?! AND WHERE IS THE BATHROOM? Read More…

Intrusive Thoughts and Obsessive Thought Loops

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What’s an intrusive thought? An intrusive thought is an unwelcome involuntary thought, image, or unpleasant idea that may become an obsession, is upsetting or distressing, and can feel difficult to manage or eliminate.*

We all have intrusive thoughts, although it’s something we don’t talk about because of embarrassment, shame, and well, guilt. They range from things like wanting to break everything when you’re walking by the dishes at Target, thinking you have a deadly disease because your stomach hurts, or replaying an event in your head over and over again. Read More…

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