anxiety makes it hard to

Anxiety Makes It Hard to…

If you’ve read my Anxiety Workbook then you know that I’ve been anxious since I was a little human. Last week, I talked about how my anxiety about returning to work after two months off was pretty high. I was nauseous the whole week leading up to it and whenever I’d try to relax there was a little voice constantly reminding me I was anxious.

And then I went back to work and everything was fine like I knew it would be. And that’s the frustrating thing about anxiety. Even when you know things are *fine* or will be fine, you can’t make your brain/body co-operate with logic. I can use coping skills to manage anxiety, lessen anxiety, and keep myself from reacting impulsively to anxiety but it’s still there.

Which is something that’s hard to explain to other people. We know that we have no reason to be anxious but we are anyway.

And sometimes it’s over the weirdest stuff. I can type all of this out, I can put my whole life on the internet and talk about mental health and relationships and self-care and it’s fine. But you want me to make a phone call or order food at a new restaurant (without thoroughly researching the menu online beforehand?) and…. nope.

Here are some things that make me anxious or used to make me anxious.

Used to make me anxious:

Keeping track of my finances



Check the mail

Order food at restaurants

Maintain friendships

Reach out for help

Share my feelings

Go out shopping

Go new places

Work as a team

Still makes me anxious:

Starting conversations

Making decisions when I can’t control the outcome

Listen to voicemails


Answer emails

Talk on the phone/Return phone calls

Talk to bosses

Go to the doctor

Deal with change

So, I’m calling it progress! I still get anxious over a lot of things but I’ve also done a ton of work to get where I am today!

I’d love it if you’d share something that makes you anxious that you don’t commonly see talked about!

*Everyone is different and this list might not accurately represent your symptoms
*This is not intended to diagnose an anxiety disorder
*Therapy, coping skills, and talking to your doctor if you feel anxious are the best paths forward!

What things does anxiety make it hard to do for you?