anxiety scale

Anxiety Scale for Mental Health

I’ve been off work from my retail job since December to care for my partner after his back surgery and I’m set to go back to work tomorrow. The anxiety is unreal. I was trying to find an anxiety scale or chart (similar to the pain scale) but I wasn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for so I created one for myself. Keeping track of where I’m at and being mindful and aware of my anxiety instead of ignoring it, helps me manage my anxiety pretty well but unfortunately, I’ve been at a consistent 3.5 for the last few days and since that level of anxiety is triggered by a specific source, the only way out is through. I know once I go back – I’ll be fine because I like my job, but this waiting period s-u-c-k-s.

Hopefully, this scale helps you pinpoint where you’re at with your own anxiety too. (You can now find it in my shop as well!)

*Everyone is different and this scale might not accurately represent your symptoms
*This is not meant to diagnose an anxiety disorder

Level One: Minimal – Small feelings of worry/anxiety. Able to focus on tasks. Little to no physical symptoms.

Level Two: Mild – Anxious throughout the day but not all day and some changes in concentration and sleep. Stomach ache and muscle tension.

Level Three: Moderate – Anxious most of the day. Changes in sleep, appetite, concentration. Avoidance. Feeling panicky, headaches, and fatigue.

Level Four: Severe – Anxiety all day. Feeling breathless, chest tightness, digestive issues. Unable to focus. Sensory overload. Isolation.

Level Five: Debilitating – Severe anxiety all day. Panic attacks. Can’t function. Intense physical symptoms. Feeling paralyzed. Meltdowns. Obsessive thoughts. Feeling unable to go on.

Using the anxiety scale – what level are you today?