self-care check-in

April Self-Care Check-In: Wisdom

Good morning my favorite people!

Let’s have a self-care check-in! The last 30 days have been full of intense self-care for me. The difference between practicing that deep soul-level self-care and the basic self-care that just gets you through the day in survival mode is astounding. I’ve started to feel better on every level. My energy levels are rising, I’m full of creative energy, and my overall mood is getting better. It’s been a daily commitment to me. I’m not just creating time and space for myself (so important and the base of all self-care) but I’m filling that time with things that I need vs things that I want. (Okay, most days it’s a splash of both)

Self-care is a multifaceted thing. Taking a bubble bath is self-care. Stepping away from work to spend time doing something fun is self-care. Taking in-depth account of your life and realizing where there is toxicity and then creating boundaries that may feel painful at the time is self-care. Realizing that there are aspects of yourself that have fallen to the wayside and taking the time to unearth those buried fragments of yourself – is self-care.

I tell you all of the time to ask yourself: “What do I need right now?” and then do that thing.

Listen to the answers to those questions. The real answers. The deep answers. The ones beyond naps and time to read. Don’t be afraid to dig into that question.

What do you need this month?

How can you get it?

What’s your self-care daily practice?

How can you feel better about yourself and your life?

self-care check-in

A few days ago, I spent some time filling out my Self-Care Planner and answered a lot of those questions for myself. I’ve written in my self-love workbook every day this month so far – keeping track of the things that are going right and the things that are bothering me. I see patterns emerging and I see the work I need to do. It’s becoming my favorite part of the day to lay in bed with the sunlight streaming through my window as I take an account of my day and excitedly make plans for the days ahead.

I think that’s something that’s been missing for me this whole year – excitement for the days to come. I’m feeling it now. Maybe it’s the Spring in the air.

Here’s a self-care check-in question for you: What are you excited about this month?