Are you a Spiritual Wayfarer?

Happy Sunday beautiful people!

As I talked about last week, things have been feeling a little bit ‘meh’ in my world. I’m happy to report that things are getting better, good things are happening. In the Soul Sisterhood we’re starting a week’s worth of Meditation and I’m looking forward to it. You are welcome to join us. Anyway, one thing that has been a huge help in kicking this depression/anxiety is a focus on spirituality.

To be more specific: Spiritual exploration.

Getting in touch with that side of myself and of life just seems to blow the dust and grime from the parts of my inner self that I couldn’t reach. I love religion. I love spirituality. All kinds. I respect each path and everyone’s right to follow it. Each path has something beautiful in it. Each one gives me comfort in some way. My own spiritual path is really hard to nail down with a definition. My religion is kindness to myself and others. Compassion. Love for Mama Earth. And a belief in a great many energies that call themselves Gods and Goddesses.

I am a spiritual explorer.

I love exploring other paths. There are so many that interest me. Shamanism, Druidism, Wicca, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Santeria, just to name a few. I am also so fascinated by Greek, Hindu, Roman, Norse, and Celtic pantheons of Gods and Goddesses. I like exploring them. Sometimes I take souvenirs and incorporate those things into my own practices. I think we should all seek to understand those paths and appreciate them even if we do not agree and even when we love our own path. Not only does it allow us to connect with others but it also deepens our connection with ourselves.

Today I want to share some explorations on the Sikh religion.

“At the center of Sikhism is one God. Sikhs believe that they should lead good lives and meditate, rather than focusing on performing rituals and sacrifices. Sikhs believe that religion should deal with people’s daily issues and that community life is important. The three duties of a Sikh are: praying and having God in the mind all the time, giving to charity and helping those who are poor and sick, and working honestly. Leading a good life involves treating others equally and with compassion. Leading a truthful life is of prime importance.” –

What I love most about Sikhism.

The music is beautiful. Truly if I had to pick a genre of music to listen to for the rest of my days. It’s one of my tools in the Fight the Anxiety Tool Kit. Talk about good vibrations. My favorite song right now is Sabh Karta by Nirinjin Kaur and while it is mostly in Punjabi there is an English phrase in the song that I love: “If you don’t see god in all – you won’t see god at all.”

I’ve also been seeking some wisdom on youtube. Amazing powers of the internet letting me hear wise and profound advice whenever and wherever I want to. Some really healing and inspirational advice on Stress and Forgiveness and Letting Go by Guruka Singh who is a spiritual teacher that I love. So there’s my sharing of my current explorations.

I’d love for you to share with me.

Do you have a verse/video/song/idea/teaching from a religion or spiritual path other than your own that you love or appreciate?