Aromatherapy: Sweet Orange Oil

I go through phases of my favorite essential oil. Sometimes it’s chamomile, oftentimes it’s lavender, I am a huge fan of lemon and also of it’s citrus-y cousin orange.

Cheery, energizing, wake-you-up sweet orange oil. 

Orange is the ultimate happiness-inducing oil, or maybe that’s just me. I love oranges so it would be natural that I just love the smell of oranges too. It puts me in mind of orange groves and country breakfasts. Maybe that’s why I find it energizing too!

I use a sweet orange perfume oil, which is a mix of a carrier oil, sweet orange essential oil, and a wee bit of alcohol, I like it way better than traditional perfume and it smells wonderful. 
Orange is great for bringing feelings of joy, it cheers you up, chases away the grumps and makes room for joy to rush in. It reduces fear and also helps you to rediscover your belief in yourself. It’s also good for relieving stress and has even been known to lower blood pressure by a small amount. If those are things that you struggle with you can mix sweet orange essential oil with a carrier oil for a massage or to dab on yourself. One of my favorite ways is to put it in an oil warmer, which will dispense the scent through out your home. Because the scent is strong you only ever have to use a drop or two. 

If you aren’t into the whole essential oil thing you can still add orangey-ness to your life.

I use Nivea Touch Of Happiness body wash, which is orange scented. You can also make potpourri out of orange rinds. You can either boil them in water and let the scent diffuse through your home, or dry them out and mix them with spices for a dried potpourri. There’s also candles, lotions, bath soaks, and so many other ways to orangeinize your life.

What’s your favorite way to use oranges? What’s your favorite essential oil at the moment?

When using essential oils remember to do your own research, dilute the essential oil, and don’t use if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition. This is not a substitute for medical advice. 

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