end-of-summer self-care challenge

August End-Of-Summer Self-Care Challenge!

It’s time for another monthly challenge! The End-of-Summer Self-Care challenge is all about making time to enjoy this last bit of wonderful summer sunshine, can you believe it’s almost over?

Self-care is all about giving yourself what you need and that changes on a daily basis. Sometimes you need to go within and focus on all of those things like personal growth, self-development, and healing those inner wounds. (If you’re interested in that I have the perfect challenge for you here) and other times you need to take a step back and focus on the light-hearted moments, you know, that thing called fun.

One of the best times of my life was the summer after I found self-care. I was really serious about becoming a better person and “fixing” all of the things that were wrong with me. I did deep shadow work, a lot of healing, owned up to my bullshit, and I read so many books on how to be a better person. It was an amazing experience in itself, it was the self-care I needed, and it was also mentally exhausting.

That summer I practiced a different kind of self-care.

I told myself that I was going to do my very very best to stop being so serious and I was going to try to find the fun in life. That summer I did all of these stupid little things -I flew a kite, bought so much sidewalk chalk, blew bubbles, had picnics – I let myself simply enjoy and experience all of these things I hadn’t done since I was a kid – and to be honest – that kind of self-care, taking time out for myself to do silly things – was just as transformative.

This End-of-Summer Self-Care Challenge is for embracing the fun.

  1. Share – Share this challenge on social media with the #summerselfcare #selfcarechallenge or #BlessingManifesting. Invite your friends to join you! If you haven’t, follow me on Instagram!
  2. Fruity – Watermelon, fruity girly drinks, fruit from a Farmer’s Market – embrace the fruitiness of life.
  3. Adventure – Have one! Even little ones count like finding new music or a new book, or talking to someone new. Anything can be an adventure.
  4. Sunshine – get some lovely warm sun. Open the curtains or put your face to the sun.
  5. Ice – There’s nothing better than a gigantic glass of water with tons of ice in it on a hot day. Treat yourself to that or a slushie/icee.
  6. Road Trip – It doesn’t have to be a long one. In fact, as long as you have good music playing, I think a trip to the grocery store counts.
  7. Heat – sweat, do something that makes you feel the heat.
  8. Water – Pools, cold showers, sprinklers, or a nice tall glass of water – your choice.
  9. Meditation – When was the last time you put a blanket on the grass, laid down, closed your eyes, and just soaked up the sun for a few minutes?
  10. Cook Out – Grill something delicious or take your meal outside.
  11. Tropical – What’s your favorite tropical thing? A shirt? Drink? Dish? Outfit? Scent? Embrace it today!
  12. Stargazing – The Perseid Meteor shower peaks around August 12th.
  13. Smores – They’re so wonderfully ooey gooey!
  14. Daydream – What would summer be without a summertime daydream? Sit back and let your mind wander.
  15. Picnic – Go on a picnic, have your lunch outside, or eat your dinner on the patio!
  16. Music – You know those songs that make you remember summer vacation in your teen years? THOSE SONGS!
  17. Sunrise – My favorite part of the day. Take a look at your morning routine and add in some early morning time just for yourself.
  18. Ice cream – Literally the best part of hot weather. And cold weather. Any weather. Make your own or buy your favorite.
  19. Brightness – Be bright today, whatever that means to you. Shine, shine, shine.
  20. Late Night – Remember those late nights we had during summer vacation where everything felt like magic? Drive-in movies, campfires, late night chats.
  21. Glow – What makes you feel like you’re glowing?
  22. Friendship – Do something fun with a group of friends. Stretch those social muscles.
  23. Park – Swing on the swings, take a walk around, play Pokemon Go, people watch, sit on a bench and write.
  24. Game Night – I legit just played monopoly for the first time this week. So much fun!
  25. Photography – Document the rest of your summer with photographs.
  26. Sunset – Sit out on the porch with a drink and let the day fade away from you as watch the colors move across the sky.
  27. Cool – Focus on cooling down today. Your temper, your temperature, your life – what do you need to cool down or slow down?
  28. Unplug – Take some time away from social media and be in the present!
  29. Nature Walk – Go on a nature walk, even one up and down the street counts. If it’s super hot in the middle of the day, take one in the morning to wake you up and get your blood flowing.
  30. Summer Selfie – Take a picture of your lovely self!

What’s your favorite part of the end-of-summer self-care challenge?