Beauty In the World

Hello darlings! Happy Self Care Sunday! How are you taking care of yourself today? This is just a quick note to share one of my all time favorite songs. “Beauty In The World”by Macy Gray.
One of my favorite things to do when I am walking home from work is to listen to this on my mp3 player. It’s such a wonderful upbeat song and it reminds us to be happy and joyful and it makes me want to dance!
I know that a positive attitude is not a magic problem-fixer, but it does help, it makes things a lot easier to deal with when you can at least acknowledge the good in life. There’s a flip side to every situation.
Here’s your Self Care Assignment for today:
Take a deep breath.
Notice what is beautiful about your life right now. Your reflection in the mirror, the sunshine on the wall of your living room, your child’s face, your best friend’s laugh. This is nourishment to the soul and we probably need to take care of that most of all.
Feel free to share your “beautiful thing” with me because I’d love to know what is beautiful for you right now 
What beauty in the world do you see right now?