Behavior Chain Analysis Worksheets

The Chain Analysis of Problem Behavior, or Behavior Chain Analysis, is a way to analyze a problematic behavior by looking at what caused it and then the consequences of it. (You can also find it on Etsy!)

This is my own interpretation and how I use it to help myself. I'm not a therapist but having gone through the process, I think I offer a unique perspective as to how this can be applied to your life and to the difficult situations you find yourself in.

The BCA can do several things!

- It can help us follow the process of how we cope with a specific event
- It can help us analyze why we act the way we do
- The BCA shows us how our behavior affects the short term and long term
- It indicates what coping skills work best for us
- It allows us to change our behavior and the way we react to stressful events

When stressful things are happening, it often feels like they’re happening all at once. It’s hard to pull ourselves out of the moment and see how we got to where we are.

That’s why the behavior chain analysis often happens after an event has already taken place.
Sometimes the event is small like a disagreement with your partner, and other times it’s something big like relapsing or doing something self-destructive.
The BCA lets you see the feelings and thoughts that lead you to that place so that you’ll hopefully be able to modify your behavior the next time you feel those things.
I've found it super helpful for dealing with big problems and little problems and I hope it helps you too!

Here's What's Inside!

- 27 page PDF (with a black and white version for easy printing!)
- Behavior Chain Analysis
- What it is
- How it can help
- A breakdown of each link in the chain
- Examples on how to use it
- Analyzing how each link relates to your life
- 7 Blank Behavior Chain Worksheets (2 pages each) for you to use during times of distress