Body Love Boosters: A Guest Post From Danielle Yeager

Without further ado, here’s a body love post from the lovely Danielle Yeager.

Most of us experienced a love-hate relationship with our bodies throughout our life. You started out not even thinking about your body; you just used it. Learned how to move, to run, to jump, and to play with your body’s help.

Then you started to feel awkward in your own body. It changed and continues to change as you have gotten older. You became more aware of what you look like and, more importantly, how you feel about what you look like. Looked at another’s body and judged them for being too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall, but mostly you were judging yourself. You started hiding your body, avoiding clothing that showed your insecurities. But you do know what it feels like to love your body. You have looked in the mirror on a good day and thought “hot damn girl” or you got a compliment that made you hold your head a little higher.

So why aren’t you holding on to those feelings? Why do the negative feelings seem to dominate? Because you have been letting them. Not to worry love, I can help.

5 Tips to Boost Your Body Love

      • Override the negativity. Every time you catch yourself with a negative thought about your body or someone else’s replace it with a positive thought. If you want to get on the fast train then make it three positive thoughts for every negative.
    • Get to know your body. Look at yourself in the mirror naked and with clothes. Realize what you actually look like and not the made up image in your mind.
    • Challenge your body. Try a new workout, a dance class, go swimming, or whatever you are called to. Appreciate what your body is able to do. Accomplishing new feats will only boost your body love.
    • Go through your closet. You have clothes that you feel “blah” in. Get rid of them! Every time you get dressed, think about what would make you feel good to wear today. Something that will add to your confidence and definitely not make you feel worse.
    • Compliment others. Try giving out one compliment a day on how someone looks. It can be strangers or people you know. Boosting the confidence of others will change how you see others and yourself. You will start looking for the positive in everyone.

What are your body love tips?

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