Grimoire For The green witch

Book Review: Grimoire For The Green Witch

Grimoire For The Green Witch by Ann Moura is an absolute treasure. I have used this book so much in my magical practice due to its wonderful information and beautiful rituals. I recommend it to anyone walking a magical path.

How do I even begin to tell you about this book? It is great for beginners if you are just starting out. In the first section, she has definitions of basic tools, materials, and symbols. She gives great information about the Sabbats (holidays) and that is probably the best part of the book.

For each Sabbat she gives a wonderful list of associated incense, decorations, food, and a really in-depth list of activities. She even shares Pagan versions of Christmas Carols.

The rituals she includes for each sabbat and for each phase of the moon are absolutely phenomenal.

There are also rituals for blessing your tools, Handfastings, crystal cleansings, consecrations, crystal programmings, dedication rituals, and how to draw down the moon.

Seriously Loves, this is a book of ritual awesomeness. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better resource.

There’s also a list of eight guided meditations which are so wonderful.

I’m a big fan of meditations and I just love these.

There’s one for releasing fears, past lives, and honoring ancestors.

The next section of the book is about spell work and correspondences. There are about 20 smaller sections just to this part of the book. There’s the usual color, herbs, and crystals but it also goes into a ton of information about the planets, animal totems, numerology, oils, and runes.

There’s also a section about spells broken down into blessings, protections, prosperity, health, fertility, and then a miscellaneous section, not to mention a section on crafts, such as special pouches and charms.

And as if it could get better…

Herbal tea recipes (over 30!) and how to make your own magical oils and herbal bath mixtures!

The last section of the book is called Divinations and has a list of symbols and what they mean, how to read palms, tea leaf reading, over 10 pages of tarot meanings, how to scry, pendulums and rune casting.

I am not exaggerating when I say this is 450 pages of magical amazingness!

Have you read Grimoire for the Green Witch?