Book Review: The Goddess of Happiness

Everyone can use a little happiness, especially in November with the Holidays coming up. The energy this month is just kicking my ass. It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions and anxiety and I am quite ready to get off!

I feel so rushed to get things done and I just need to slow down and relax. I am in need of a lazy day, asap! Don’t get me wrong. I love creating and being busy, but sometimes it’s so nice to do nothing.

Today’s book review is one that is great to have if you need a little brightness in your day but not a lot of time to get it.

goddess of happinessThe Goddess of Happiness by Debbie Gisonni is a cute little book that I picked up last year. It’s 168 pages of short and simple ways to improve your happiness. The book starts out with a little quiz to see if you are a Goddess of Happiness. If you don’t pamper yourself very often, if you’re constantly busy and never have time for “you” then this book will help you slow down and put yourself first.

This book has 44 little sections on ways to find happiness. Each section has a few pages about a topic, five ways to embrace that topic, and then affirmations you can say to Think it. Say it. Feel it.

There are some great suggestions in this book. Notice what makes your heart flutter and do it more often. Don’t respond to rudeness with more rudeness. Feel grateful, not guilty, when someone helps you. Honor your inner child by playing first and working later every once and awhile.

The affirmations are equally as lovely: I am embraced by gratitude every day. I love myself and my life, I am uniquely perfect in many ways. I cherish and own my life, which is uniquely mine.

The perfect book for implementing a little bit of happiness and awareness into your day!