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Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life

It’s a new month, a clean slate to make miracles happen. I don’t know why, but there’s something about a new month that just feels… clean. I can start over, leave the mistakes in the past, move forward. (This post contains an affiliate link! You buy something, I get a small percentage, thanks for supporting Blessing Manifesting!)

Each month I pick a word to embrace for the month. This month’s word is “healing”. I’ve realized that there are some past hurts that are still hurting. It’s frustrating to think that issues are in the past, neatly packed away, and then suddenly there they are, all over again.

We all have work to do, and that’s okay.

Today’s book review is a book that I will be picking up again soon and diving into the comforting wisdom of the pagesYou Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay will probably be one of the most transformational books that you will ever read. This book is all about the power of positive thinking. It is amazing.

As I wrote about in another post entitled Forgiveness, this book was monumental in helping me to find forgiveness for the people in my life that had hurt me and to let go of resentment. It also helped start me on the path to thinking about myself in a positive way.

The exercises and the affirmations in this book are completely life changing. I would definitely recommend this book, especially to someone who is wanting to change their negative thinking. I’ve been there.

I know how easy it is to slip into the vortex of ‘everything sucks and nothing in your life is ever going to go right’.

That choice is yours, ya know?You can heal your life

The most important thing that I have learned from this book would have to be that we can choose our own thoughts. It’s true, it’s hard, sometimes nearly impossible it seems, but we have the choice to think good things. Since reading this book, when I have negative thoughts I know that I can turn them around. I can think something differently if I want to. Sometimes I want to embrace the positivity and other times I want to allow myself to feel the sadness, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Life is about experiencing all emotions.

You Can Heal Your Life will reveal all of the things you dislike about yourself, your life, and the way you see others. Then it will help you change those things one thing at a time. Just because you believe, or were taught, that you were unworthy of love, doesn’t mean it’s true.
Discover your own truth.

Each chapter has tons of exercises and affirmations. If you are ready to “do the work” this book will help you get there. Release your limiting beliefs, let go of resentment, be grateful, give forgiveness. Begin to heal. The thread that is woven throughout this book is Love Yourself, that is the magic wand that will fix things.

Love for yourself will make you healed and whole.

One of my favorite exercises in this book, aside from the one about forgiveness, is the Mirror. You take a mirror, look into it, and say “I love and accept you exactly as you are.” I would do this before I went to bed as a little daily ritual. After awhile, I wasn’t just saying that I loved myself. I was telling myself how beautiful I was, praising myself for that awesome thing I accomplished that day, how wonderfully silly and amazing and beautiful I was. It became a daily dialogue of all the things that I loved about myself.

Today without hesitation I can tell you this:

I love myself. I adore myself, and I am an amazing, awesome, human being.

Have you read You Can Heal Your Life? Thoughts?

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