breaking dawn

Breaking Dawn and New Horizons

Today’s Oracle Card comes from The Oracle of Shadows and Light and it has deep meaning for me. Last week was amazing and full of so many ups and downs. I finished and released an ebook and I started my coaching practice. I did all of this while I was on vacation from my job. As you can imagine between proof-reading, editing, making and scanning all of the art, technical difficulties, uploading, creating new webpages, marketing, ect, I didn’t feel like I had a vacation at all!

I went back to work on Friday night (I work the night shift) where most nights I work in the Pet department of a large store, where I have to lift up to 50lb bags of dog food. Not all that glamorous but I enjoy my job most of the time!

Tuesday was my night off. I usually do the bulk of Blessing Manifesting work on Tuesday and Wednesday night. It is my time of uber creativity and magic-making. I have a routine that works for me and allows me not to feel burnt out. So I sat down Tuesday night and guess what?

Nothing happened. Not a single thing. There was no magic to be found.

I sat there wanting nothing more than to fall asleep when I had a huge to-do list to start working on. I tried to force myself to write and I just wasn’t feeling it. But I didn’t feel like doing anything. Then the frustration started kicking in. I was wasting and squandering precious working time. I was going to be stressed out the rest of the week. Why couldn’t I just pull it together? I just had to get over it and do the work.

I ended up taking a very long nap instead.

It felt really good. I allowed myself to realize that it’s been a big week and it’s okay to take a break, to listen to my body, and to take the rest that I need. You can’t ride waves like that forever, there’s an ebb and a flow and I need to ebb sometimes.

So onto the message of today’s card. Violet Angel: Breaking Dawn

The Violet Angel appears when something new is on the horizon. She waits for you to become aware of all of the beautiful things that are just waiting for you. When she appears it is a sign that changes you have been waiting for are just around the corner.

There have been times when you’ve lost your spark and your physical body has been exhausted. It has been a long dark night of the soul but the worst is over and the best is on the horizon. It is a faint gathering of energy but it is on the way. Your energy will flow again. Your spirit will blossom.

You are on the verge of a new day, a breaking dawn.

What new beginnings do you see blossoming in your life?