Breathe. My Anxiety Workbook, is HERE!

I make no secret of the fact that I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Re: Self-Care for Anxiety. Self-Care for an Anxious Tummy. 5 Mantras for Anxiety and Depression. 5 Tips for Dining Out with Social Anxiety. You’re Doing SO Good – How Positive Self-Talk Helps. Why I love DBT. The Best Apps for Anxiety. Self-Care for Morning Anxiety.

You get the picture. My anxiety started at a pretty young age and got progressively worse as I got older. By the time I graduated high school I was having migraines and panic attacks and then I moved on to being uncomfortable even leaving my house.

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I realized how completely anxiety had invaded literally every aspect of my life and I promised myself that I would fix it. I started reading a lot of books about anxiety and trying a lot of different strategies.

Breathe. is the combination of the things I’ve learned and experienced when it comes to managing my anxiety. This year has been especially hard on me. I went through a break up at the same time my mother passed away and I fully intended to fall back into that spiral of depression and anxiety. I didn’t. That period of my life was intensely challenging and painful and I still don’t know how I made it through it. I’m still not over it on a lot of levels. But it didn’t break me. I was overwhelmed with anxiety the entire time and I handled it, I managed it, I was able to get through it without letting myself drown it. That would never have been possible even just five years ago.

It was an eye-opening experience to how far I’ve come. It’s not easy, it’s incredibly difficult in fact, but when you do this work on yourself and you don’t give up – things start to change. You start to change. All of these things that you’re putting into practice on a daily basis grow within you, strengthening you.

That’s why I wanted to share those things. I wanted to create Breathe. so that one day things are a little easier on you too.

anxiety workbook

Breathe. An Anxiety Workbook

Breathe. comes in two forms, a workbook and a daily journal. I recommend you start with the workbook.

  • “Breathe.” is 142 pages of anxiety tips and worksheets
  • In the back of the book, there are 4 extra copies of most of the worksheets and 30 pages of “Anxiety Today” check-in sheets
  • The digital version includes all of the different design styles
  • Wise Mind (Worksheet: How to combine logic and emotion)
  • Bravery Records (Worksheet: Times you were super brave and conquered anxiety)
  • Worse Case Scenario (Worksheet: Create a survival plan for those overwhelming fears)
  • Mindreading (Worksheet: Your anxious perception vs reality)
  • Predicting the Future (Worksheet: What you’re worried about and what actions you can take now)
  • The Worry Jar (Worksheet: A place to write down your little worries)
  • Ask for What You Need (Worksheet: How to ask others for things minus the anxiety)

Breathe. A Daily Journal

The journal is simply two different pages – an anxiety check-in page and a worry journal page. It’s great for tracking your anxiety if you’re having trouble figuring out the things that trigger your anxiety, or if it’s something that you face on a daily basis and you’re committed to working through it.

  • “Breathe.” A daily journal, is 100 pages long
  • The digital version includes all of the different design styles

My Mission Here

It is so important to me that mental health resources are easily available to the people that need them. The digital versions of Breathe. are pretty affordable ($8 and $2), and that’s something that is important to me. It’s also absolutely free to non-profit organizations.

I also want to shine a light on mental health. There was a time I believed that I would never amount to very much because my anxiety stopped me from doing so many things. I want to show you that it’s possible to get through it.

If you’d like to purchase it – buy it now.


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