wear what makes you feel cute

Wear What Makes You Feel Cute

I remember the first time I didn’t feel cute. 10-year-old me, hit puberty and over the summer I gained weight. I was adorably chubby but 10-year-old me didn’t think it was adorable. My mom was…

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Body Positivity

Fitness + Body Positivity Suggestions Needed!

Today’s blog post for NaBloPoMo was supposed to be about something completely different, you’ll see what tomorrow! Instead, we’re going to talk about fatness, fitness, and body positivity. If you’ve been around a while then…

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stop verbally abusing your body

Stop Verbally Abusing Your Body

Let’s talk about how to stop verbally abusing your body. As you know from my fitness/body-love worksheets and the Body Love Gym, it’s so important to love your body and to meet your needs without…

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