3 Tips for Agoraphobia

May is Mental Health Awareness Month so it’s a great opportunity to talk about mental health, help debunk myths, and erase stigmas. One thing that I am passionate about is raising awareness about agoraphobia. Agoraphobia…

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it's okay not to be okay

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

“It’s okay not to be okay.” Hearing those words for the first time years ago made me feel like my heart was breaking open. You mean I don’t have to pretend? I don’t have to…

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mental health challenge

May Mental Wellness Challenge

Here’s a little Mental Wellness Challenge I’ve created for you in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (and be sure to check out this older one too!). We all have mental health (regardless of whether or not…

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social anxiety feels like

Social Anxiety Feels Like…

Last year, I shared what anxiety feels like. How it’s not usually just a feeling of worry or panic but a brain full of frantic thoughts that feel completely uncontrollable. There are sometimes that I…

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