Celebrate Your You-ness!

Guess what!? My birthday is in two weeks and I am going to celebrate because it’s worth celebrating, and you’re worth celebrating too. If your birthday isn’t in two weeks then just celebrate your Un-Birthday instead, it’s all good.

I have some really fun things planned!

First off: Brand new absolutely free and share-able and awesome fantabulous ebook. Celebrate Your Life! Get it now! Enter your email and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox!

Secondly, on August 10th we’re doing Stay In The Picture which is also free for the week. Seven days – Seven selfie photo prompts and lots of sharing our lovely faces in the (again free!) SoulSisterhood. Join us, add more awesome to your month, be there or be square.

Also in the SoulSisterhood I’m going to be doing free oracle card readings as well as having a Self Love Planning Party for the month. You are invited!

An excerpt from Celebrate Your Life:

You are worth celebrating, your life is worth celebrating. It doesn’t matter what you have or what you don’t have.

Still worth celebrating!

It doesn’t matter if you are not as far as you’d like to be in life, or that you feel like you’re sliding back instead of sliding forward.

Maybe you aren’t the person you want to be but every single step you take brings you just a little bit closer.


You might not have someone to celebrate you, to celebrate who you are, but that shouldn’t stop you. Don’t let it. Love yourself and others will love you. Celebrate yourself and others will celebrate with you. It all starts with you.

You have the power. You are the catalyst. You are the one that gets to begin all of the amazing things that can happen in your life. You don’t have to wait for someone to start your life for you.

You’ve made it this far. You’ve made it through the really bad days that you didn’t think you could survive. You were so brave that time, you know the one I’m talking about. You’ve still got a lot of life to live and if that’s not worth a huge celebration then what is?

Are you ready?