Chakra Work: Throat Chakra

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t speak your truth? Where you remained silent? Do you have trouble speaking your real feelings or speaking up for yourself?

You might need to do a bit of throat chakra work.

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra and it governs our communication skills, creativity, as well as our ability to be authentic and express ourselves. Physically it’s connected to our thyroid, mouth, teeth, and respiratory system.

This is where we hold our beliefs about who we are. When your throat chakra is blocked you’ll have problems expressing your feelings or you might feel like your feelings and emotions don’t matter so you won’t often voice them. You might feel like you aren’t “authentic” because you’ll have trouble embracing the core of who you are. You also might lie because lying is easier than speaking about how you truly feel.

Have you ever used the “Oh, I’m fine, I’m just tired.” excuse when you’re really hurting about something? 

On the reverse side your chakra might be over-active, which means you gossip all of the time, you don’t know when to listen, every conversation is about you, and you don’t know that there are times when a little bit of tact to get your point across.

As with everything, you want to find a balance.

You can unblock and rebalance your chakras with oils, crystals, meditation, reiki, and a few other ways as well. You can use crystals like turquoise, lapis lazuli, and chrysocolla to embrace the qualities of an open throat chakra. You can hold the stones in your receiving hand (usually the left one) and while breathing deep, let their energy flow through you. You can also lay down and meditate with the crystal placed over your throat or make a necklace that hangs around your throat.

You can also experiment with essential oils like chamomile, which can help you speak your truth, geranium, which helps you express your self and myrrh, which will help you regain a sense of your own voice. You can make these oils into a massage oil and rub it over your throat. You can wear it while meditating or going about your day, you can put it in a bath, add it to candles or diffusers, or put it in spray bottles with water to anoint your space with, especially if you have a workspace where you get your creative thang on!

Do you feel like your throat chakra is blocked, open, or over-active?

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