change your thoughts

Change Your Thoughts: I’m Learning How

Today I pull out my big mojo bag of healing tools and I share with you this powerful statement. When I first read it six months ago, in You Can Heal Your Life, something inside of me just clicked and I had this amazing wow moment.

“It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.”

Really? I can seriously change those?
It sounds silly now, but at the time that statement just boggled my mind. I was used to being a creature of emotion and upset thinking, controlled by said emotions and thoughts. If I was angry I was angry until it went away. I didn’t make it go away, it left on its own time, when it was ready. (Usually after a fair bit of yelling, screaming, and crying on my part.)
There was also that horrible domino effect. You know the one… where you have that one angry/sad/anxious thought and before you know it the thought changes, gets bigger, brings its friends along and before you know it, there’s an out-of-control pity party going on and you wish you weren’t invited. That kind of thought-changing I was well acquainted with.
That I could take that thought and throw it out the door to be replaced with something good and nourishing? Well, it is possible.

I’ve learned that now.

It’s not always easy, it takes time and practice, but it is doable. I was talking to a friend a few months ago about how frustrating it was that whenever I have a negative, unpleasant, thought I can’t automatically turn it around. I learned something very wise through that conversation.

I’ve spent 26 years automatically gravitating towards escalating my negative thoughts. This is new… this creating joy, happiness, and comfort from negative thoughts. It’s not going to happen overnight (which is very frustrating I might add) but it is happening.I can do this.

I can be happy if I want it bad enough.

I want it really bad.

So here’s to change, as slowly as it may happen, because it does happen.