Choose Your Card for July!

I wanted to do something a little different as far as pulling an oracle card for you guys this July! So tap into that lovely intuition of yours, choose a card that makes your soul go ‘whoa’ and then look below to see what your message is for the week. P.S. I hope that you are having an amazing summer! If you’d like your own personalized oracle card reading you can get one right here! This month’s reading comes from the Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish. It’s a lovely deck and I hope you enjoy!

Card One: Hideki’s Door

You know that thing that you really want? Maybe it’s a relationship or a job or an opportunity that you’ve been dreaming of and you want it so much that it makes you afraid of it? It’s like what you want is just behind that door and you’re afraid to knock, afraid to open it because what if something goes wrong? What if… So you ignore that door, tempting as it may be, and you tell yourself that one day you’ll be brave and you’ll open it.

One day could be today, you know? It’s time to open the door.

Seriously, gather that courage around you and do it. Take that first step. It’s time for you to go for what you want. It’s okay to be nervous and to be scared about leaving your comfort zone but you are brave enough. You are ready and you can do it!

Card Two: Andelle

I’ve always said that emotions need to be felt. Despite the fact that I am (try to be) an optimist, you can’t be happy all of the time. I know, emotions are inconvenient, they are messy, they get in the way, but they are also such a part of our experience. When we push them away and we refuse to acknowledge them we aren’t doing ourselves any good. Those emotions will come out somewhere whether in the form of stress, anxiety, anger, or emotional breakdowns. This card is all about letting your emotions flow.

Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions right now, especially sadness and grief. Allow yourself to get in touch with how you’re feeling right now, especially in those areas where you feel a bit of emotional constipation. You’re so busy holding everything together that you aren’t really experiencing what’s happening right now.

Express your emotions, don’t categorize them as bad or negative, just let yourself feel. You can’t work through things, you can’t let things go if you refuse to hold them to begin with.

Card Three: The Listener

Do you ever talk and talk just to fill up the silence? When I’m going through periods of anxiety I take comfort in noise. The tv is always on in the background, or music is playing, something is always distracting me. I find it hard to sit in silence because when it’s silent you have to confront what’s inside of you. You begin listening with more than your ears. Without the distraction of noise you have to pay attention to how your body is feeling and the thoughts that are going through your head.

It can be hard to confront silence.

But it also allows you the space to start figuring things out. Now is the perfect time to withdraw a little bit, spend some one-on-one time with yourself and get in touch with that lovely spirit of yours. What are you needing right now? What things do you want? Where do you want to go from here? Ask yourself those questions and take a good hard look at the answers!

Which card did you choose? Did the message resonate?

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