Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure

Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure

Choose Your Own Self-Care AdventureThe most precious self-care resource we have is time and Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure was designed to help you manage that resource in a fun and creative way.
The goal of Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure is to help you build a day that's filled with self-care, journaling, coping skills, affirmations, and mindfulness. There are 432 activities that you can add into your day and it's customizable so that you can add activities that fit YOUR life and meet YOUR needs!

Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure uses the Trello platform to create a unique and immersive way to create your self-care routine. Trello is free and with a mobile app, that means you can take this with you everywhere!

Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure

With 153 self-care activities (plus the ability to create your own!) there are so many choices to add to your day. Maybe you feel like curling up with a blanket and watching a movie or going on an adventure, there's something for everyone. Add at least five self-care activities a day.

There are 86 journaling prompts to help you turn your attention toward what you're thinking and feeling. Journaling is such a powerful tool that can help you find clarity within your daily life. There are prompts for gratitude, meeting your needs, boundaries, and more.

Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure

With 46 coping skills, this category is my favorite. If you find yourself at a loss to how to deal with anger, you have difficulty dealing with strong emotions, or you deal with daily anxiety, I want to help. These coping skills will give you the ability to start processing your emotions in a healthy way.

Choose from 90 affirmations to help you start your day with a focused goal in mind. Affirmations are a way to focus your energy and your mindset on a specific purpose or intention. Self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, gratitude - create a positive mindset.

It's Time to Put Self-Care First!

See what self-care looks like: So many people don't know what self-care is. They think it's pampering - and that does play a part, but self-care is so much more! It's doing things that add value to your life. It's treating yourself kindly and taking care of your wants and needs (even when meeting your needs is hard).

Easily add self-care to your daily schedule: You have time for self-care. I promise you do. Even if you can only take 5 minutes to squeeze it into your day - that works for me. Not all self-care is time-consuming and you'll see that in the list of activities!

Learn healthy coping skills: One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn healthy coping skills. When we learn how to process our emotions in a way that's healthy vs self-destructive, it makes life so much easier.

Self-Care is For Everyone

As someone who's dealt with depression and anxiety for much of my life, I realize how daunting some self-care practices can be. In addition to a long list of "traditional self-care", I've also covered Basic Needs and coping skills, for days when you need to start small. I can't tell you how many days I could've used a reminder to shower, brush my teeth, or go a little easier on myself.

It's Fully Customizable!

Drag and Drop Style: The Drag and Drop style makes it easy to create a self-care routine that works with what's going on in your day. Add one or two activities or add ten, it's all up to you. With 432 different cards, it makes it so easy to create a fun and sustainable routine that's full of things that you enjoy but also allows you to mix it up with new ideas.

If you don't like something, delete it. I'm serious! Life is too short to feel like you have to do things you don't want to do. If you're not into journaling or affirmations - you can delete those lists. If you don't care for reading, by all means, delete that self-care activity! These are just suggestions and if you don't like them, don't do them!

Add your own activities: Is your version of self-care taking your dog for a walk? Going hiking? Renting a cabin in the mountains? Getting a tattoo? These are all activities that you can add to the list! Self-care is first and foremost about meeting your needs and we're all different!


Choose Your Own Self-Care Adventure

Click on the mindfulness exercises and coping skills for a full explanation on how to put them into practice!