Citronella and Creepy Insects.

I am really creeped out by mosquitoes, incredibly so. I’d rather have spiders crawling all over me than see one mosquito on my arm having a cocktail of Domineeblood. Ew. Gross. Double gross. I never kill insects if I can help it, but mosquitoes make me so slap happy I can’t really help it.

It’s summer-time and that means mosquitoes and that means it’s time for the secret weapon.

Citronella essential oil.

Citronella is famous for it’s mosquito repelling properties. Citronella candles are basically a summer must-have, it has a pleasant smell, it’s easy to find, and it works.

I work overnight and a few times a week I walk to work at 9:30pm, prime time for the creepy-crawlies to attack me with their blood-sucking terror. Not only does it repel mosquitoes but fleas as well.

I’ve taken to wearing a body spray made out of citronella essential oil and I am happy to say that it works. I haven’t had one itchy mosquito bite since I started wearing it. The only drawback is that the effects do not last long. It’s best to respray yourself every half hour or so if you’re going to be outside. If you’re not a fan of the smell, you can blend it with lavender, which is also a mild repellent and smells yummy.

Wanna know what else works? Catnip!

If you want to be covered in kitties and repel the blood suckers, well there ya go! To use these essential oils for your bug repelling needs, here you go. (Remember to test essential oils on your skin before using them, sometimes your skin can have a negative reaction)

Repellent Spray
Get a little spray bottle, add about 2oz of water and then 10-15 drops of citronella and 8-10 drops of lavender. Spray this on yourself every 30 or so minutes when you’re outside.

Repellent Lotion
I always keep a bottle of unscented lotion on hand. Squirting some lotion in your hand and mixing it with a few drops of oil makes for a good carrier in a lot of aromatherapy recipes.

You can also add drops to a diffuser or a candle to repel a small area around you.
Remember to be safe with essential oils, make sure they aren’t going to negatively affect your skin and never use pure essential oil on your skin without mixing it with something first!

What’s your secret to repelling the bloodsuckers?