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Come Hang Out With Me!

The internet is a big place so I was thinking that I should compile a list of all of the places you can find me in the webosphere. I’m going to make it easy for ya. I’m nice like that.

The SoulSisterhood: If you want advice, this is the place to get it. Not only are there almost 6,000 incredibly wise and compassionate women in the group, but I try to chime in and be supportive as well.

The MoonSisterhood: This Facebook group is rather new but focuses on a witchy, earth-based, spirituality.

Newsletter: The Newsletter goes out about every week. I’m not big on filling up your inbox cause I’m busy and you’re busy but it’s the best way to keep up with deals and new things.

Bloglovin’: Now that google reader has gone away. (*sob* Sadness!!) I’ve decided to migrate to BlogLovin’ and you are welcome to join me. Super easy way to follow your favorite blogs.
((By the way, what’s your favorite blog? I’ve been wanting new reading material))

Social Media

My personal Facebook: You are more than welcome to add me as a friend, one can never have enough of them. You’ll be treated to pictures of my wife and I, my cats, and Harry Potter and Game of Thrones memes.

Instagram: I try to post something colorful and self-care centered nearly every day. My feed is full of rainbows and happiness and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

Blessing Manifesting Facebook Page and Blessing Manifesting Twitter: I try to post insightful things I see in my own feeds as well as some of my own stuff. 

Pinterest: Let’s pin all the things. You should definitely check out the Blessing Manifesting Board for pretty pictures made by yours truly.

Goodreads: I read a lot, and I mean a lot, of books. I adore zombies, space sagas, thrillers, and historical romances. If that’s your thing, let’s be friends!

Wanna share your social media? Favorite blogs? And generally awesome website awesomeness? Where do you like to hang out with me? Comment below!