Connecting with the Crone

On Friday I talked about mothers (more about how I didn’t want to be one) and today we’re delving into the Wisdom of the Crone. Autumn represents the dark time of the year. Darkness, death, decay. The releasing of the old. The time of the Crone, the wise woman, the Dark Mother.

The Crone is the most feared of the aspects of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden represents youth and innocence. The Mother represents coming into your own power. And the Crone, well she represents the wisdom you’ve learned on the way.

She’s a pretty badass chick.

The Crone often intimidates me, not as much now, as I begin to embrace my own wisdom, but in the past, I shied away from her. I felt like she would judge me for my foolish choices. The ones that I made even when I knew better. How could I connect with Wisdom Personified when I shunned my own wisdom and intuition? Now that I’ve allowed myself to see that I am wise, now that I’ve embraced that power, I find myself forming a tentative bond with the Crone.

I did a Goddess Meditation the other day, featuring Crone Goddess. I always see her as the Greek Goddess Hecate, I do love the Greek Pantheon. In the meditation you go down a stone staircase that ends in a great wooden door. You find the key, open the door, and you see her on the other side of the room, cloaked in black. I found myself being intimidated by her, but also knowing that I was in a place of safety, a place where I could seek her wisdom as well as my own. She reminds me of the things that I already know.

She lights a lantern, allowing us to see the truth and our wisdom, clearly. 

The Crone aspect of the Goddess helps us to end cycles, relationships, problems, habits, ect. She closes a cycle, creates the ending, allowing the Maiden to begin another.

Autumn and Winter are the Crone’s time of power. This is the time to meditate on the crone, doing candle magic and other rituals that involve ending things in your life. Coming to terms with aging. Resting before starting new projects or filling your well after you’ve ended a project (I am so there right now, rest and relaxation for the win!). Dealing with the death of someone that you love. Understanding something about yourself or someone else.

The more that you familiarize yourself with the Crone, the easier it is to see her wisdom, to connect with her in a way that doesn’t scare the pants off of you, and to realize that death is just part of the Circle of Life. *cue Lion King music*

Do you find it easy to connect with Crone Energy? Are you able to easily let go of things and embrace your own wisdom? Do you fear growing old?