Crystal Healing: Rose Quartz

I love self love because it’s awesome and it changes lives. I also like stones and crystals, because well… also awesome!

One stone that really helps amplify those feelings of self love is rose quartz. It’s like the Official Self Love crystal.

If you find yourself lacking in love, whether it’s feelings of unworthiness or you just find yourself lacking an overall loving vibe, pop a piece of this in your pocket.

I’ve personally used this when I’m going through a hard time with another person. 

If you’re fighting with a friend or loved one and you find yourself wanting to harness a little bit of extra kindness and compassion I definitely recommend this, especially if you are about to have one of those deep discussions or confrontations that could possibly turn into an argument.

Holding a piece of this stone or setting it on the table or in the room with you is not only a great reminder to act and speak with love and compassion but it helps soothe those angry, stress-fueled, vibes.

Remember when I was talking about coming unraveled? It is so easy to become frustrated with yourself when you’re working on your stuff, that sometimes we forget to be compassionate and patient with ourselves and our journey.

Definitely add this to your Self Improvement Tool Box.

Have you ever worked with Rose Quartz? What effect did it have on your situation?