Cultivating Boundaries

I am a very firm believer that boundaries are one of the foundations of self-love. I’ve written about it here, and here, and here. You’ve got to have boundaries. You’ve got to have the ability to say “No. This is not okay.” no matter how painful and cringy it feels to say those words, to disappoint people that you might genuinely care about. You need to have that boundary with yourself and you need to have it with others. It’s essential.

You need to have your limit and know what “too far” is for you.

I’ve talked about boundaries and that word is a great choice for your word-of-the-month in the Self Love Planner.

A boundary is a clearly defined point where your responsibility ends and another person begins. Boundaries stop you from doing the work that other people should be doing for themselves.

It lets you know who is willing to respect you and who isn’t.

It keeps you safe from people taking advantage of you.

They push you to stand up for yourself.

It enforces your self-care.

It shows that you, your time, and your energy are important! All things that are true!

It allows you to decide how you will be treated by others.

So it’s up there in life skills that you need to know. If it’s something that you struggle with – work on it every day! Work on saying the word no. Don’t be afraid to speak up when something makes you uncomfortable. Make sure that other people are treating you appropriately, yourself included. Respect yourself by practicing self-care and making sure that you are truly doing the things that are right and good for your soul.

This is a little reminder to focus on your boundaries this month (and each month after)!

How are your boundaries looking?