Daily Intentions Workbook

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What is the Daily Intentions Workbook about?

An intention is a little bit like a goal but not quite. It’s a way you want to be, act, and live. Instead of having an end goal, it’s an open-ended way to align with your true self and make magic happen. (This was originally a Patreon Reward)

An intention encourages you to be more “you”. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by daily living – your routine and the things you do on autopilot – that you forget to turn any energy toward your own personal path. Who doesn't get distracted by what's going on in life? We all do! We forget to align to what we really want.

Intentions help us do that.

There’s no pressure to reach an end goal, it’s just a gentle nudge to be a little bit more you. So if you struggle with meeting your daily goals, see if an intention will work better for you!

daily intentions workbook

Let's talk about what's inside the Daily Intentions Workbook!

  • This is a DIGITAL .pdf download!
  • 23 page .PDF
  • There are three different versions: full color, less color (for more cost-effective printing), and a black&white version.
  • Discover what daily intentions are and how they can help your life
  • How to make an intention
  • Some intention suggestions
  • A breakdown of what your intention means for you
  • 30 Days of Intent - keep track of an intention for each day
  • Morning Intentions
  • Evening Inventory: Write about how your intention helped your day
  • Create an intention for your relationship (with suggestions)
  • Create an intention for your workplace (with suggestions)
  • Choose an intention for your family (with suggestions)
  • Create an intention for your self-care practice (with suggestions)
  • Make an intention for your Mental Health (with suggestions)
  • Pick an intention for your physical activity (with, you guessed it, more suggestions!)
  • 5 Daily Intention templates to focus on what daily actions you can take to manifest your intention
daily self-care pages
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