Daily Prayer

I’m a very spiritual (though not religious) person. I bring things into my life that call to my soul, whether they originate in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, or what have you, it doesn’t matter to me. If it calls to my soul, if it nourishes my soul, if it feels good, then I know that’s what I need and I embrace it.

I don’t discriminate with soul-food.

I love that Blessing Manifesting is for all faiths, at least I try to make it so that it Universally connects to people regardless of what they believe. I love the ‘Namaste’s ‘Amen’s and ‘Blessed Be’s that people share with me and that everything I do translates for many faiths.

I am entering a soul and spirit phase.

I’ve talked about how my spirit levels heighten towards Autumn and Winter. I think those are the times of the year where I go into a sort of ‘hibernation’. My attention turns inward, I start to really focus on myself and less on the outside, on projects, and on other people. Turning my focus inward definitely allows me to turn my attention to my spirit.

At the beginning of the month I made a promise to myself that I was going to make time to pray every single day, no excuses. So far I’ve kept to that promise and I’ve seen some great changes in my life just in the last few weeks, mainly my stress level has gone way way down. Before I go to bed every night I light a stick of incense and then spend a little time talking to Spirit. It always feels like a good chat with a best friend right before sleep and it’s become a favorite part of my day.

My challenge for you, if you are of a spiritual or religious inclination, take time out everyday this week to spend time with spirit, whether that means prayer for you or something different. See how it changes things in your life. Connect with that part of yourself. See how it adds a bit extra to your life.

Do you have a daily prayer practice?